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1. “We don’t have the Culture to Turn to the Psychologist” says Sedrak Sedrakyan



2. The number of unregistered marriages in Armenia is about 65.700



3. Brain Cells: “Lifer” enters Masters program from behind bars


4. Examine and Thesis in Nubarashen Prison


5. One prisoner passes the exam, the other is writing a thesis


6. The new opened audience in "Urartu" University of Practical Psychology and Sociology was  named after Diaspora benefactor Lojen Garikean



7. «Urartu» University is 20 years old




8. The establishment of «Urartu» University was the need of the time



9. Progress guaratees are school, science and family

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10. Sedrak Sedrakyan's book «Family Psychology» was published




13. “For traditions to be continued” Sedrak Sedrakyan



14. “Let’s not harm national interests for the sake of economy” Karpis Ter-Eghiayan

15. Urartu University Awarded Gold Medal Of Geneva International Fund




 16. The Quality and Relevance of the Leading Internet Resources of Educational Institutions of Armenia and Russia  





























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