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Self-knowledge is the basis of cognition



This is the slogan of the “Urartu” University of Practical Psychology and Sociology – the only specialized university in sphere of psychology, sociology and social work in the Republic of Armenia.

Coming together with Professor Sedrak Aghassie Sedrakyan – the rector of the University, a group of outstanding psychologists of the Republic in a very short time managed to establish a university that corresponds to international standards by its professional direction and high level of training specialists.

The founders of the University realized clearly that the newborn independent country – Armenia, integrating the international structures, needed qualified specialists not only in the sphere of economy but also in the sphere of science and culture.

The idea of establishing a psychological university was born in 1988 when the disastrous earthquake happened. The terrible calamity covered the north-western regions of the country which had advanced industry, dense population, rich culture and national traditions. For a couple of seconds it razed to the ground a great number of cities and villages, taking away thousands of lives. The survivors faced an unbelievable sorrow caused by the loss of their homes and relatives.

Economic blockade of Armenia, genocide of the Armenian population in Azerbaijan, robbery and resettlement; this was the picture of the new-born independent Republic of Armenia. Beside this there was lack of cultural life, as cultural centers were being closed one after another and interrelation between people was getting worse and worse.

As a social creature a man could not remain indifferent towards this type of changes, and all these problems pressured and had their reflection on people's psychology. Moral and physical dissatisfaction brought to various contradictions, thus causing different psycho and physical diseases.

The republic needed a great number of qualified psychologists to help people to overcome their psychological tension and stresses and organize rehabilitation work.

The republic needed its own psychological school to prepare specialists who would know our national features, traditions which would help them to do better work with the population.

Taking into consideration this situation and the demands of that period, in 1991 the university named “Urartu” opened its doors for the young people who wished to get psychological education.

The management of the university can surely declare today that the students are being taught according to the local and foreign educational standards. Doctors of science, professors and assistant professors are included today in the stuff of the University. The professions taught at the University and the educational degrees meet the demands of the correspondent bodies of the government of the Republic of Armenia.

“Urartu” University has published a great number of books, psychological tests, magazines, methodological textbooks, programs and the articles of our lecturers. Over 20 books and textbooks have been published only for the last 5 years.

The total fund of the library after professor Toutoundjian contains 14.327 units of literature, 13.359 of which is professional literature.

The information systems are considered as very important by the management of the University. The University is provided with modern computers with internet connection. All the students learn to work with computers, which are available both for students and lecturers all day long. The University is provided with studies where trainings and lessons of psychotherapy are held.

The scientific council which includes not only lecturers (academicians, professors, assistant-professors) but other collaborators as well (deputy rector and the head of studies) plays an important role in the life of the University.

The quality of education is monitored in administrative order and by encouragement system (discounts, certificates of good work, etc.)

Young people from Armenia and from foreign countries are studying at the University who are going to supply the Armenian school of psychologists with qualified specialists, do serious research work and have their input in building our young, independent Republic.

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